Running Slows Down Aging


RunningHealth is known to be that gem which can’t be acquired by spending even the world’s biggest treasures. If a person wants to lead a healthy life then all he has to do is to follow three simple rules:

1. Eat healthy

2. Run or exercise daily

3. Stay away from worries

These three simple rules are going to help you lead a healthy and energetic life till the end. If you are a regular runner or take out time for exercising from your hectic routine then your body would develop a strong immunity against diseases and this exercise routine would also help you live a long life.

A recent study has suggested that those elderly people who tend to go for a run in their daily routine stay young for a long time. Those old guys who run daily develop the immunity to fight powerfully with many serious diseases.

How to slow aging in old age?

Many researchers have captured this topic for their many years and finally they realised that running really helps you prevent the old age. If you have entered the age of 60+ then running daily could help you lead an active life even during your old age. Most of the doctors are of the opinion that walking is the best exercise but if you are fighting against age then running would provide you with amazing results.

Running- scientific point of view:                                 

Although many studies have been conducted in order to find out the correct method to prevent aging but recently a study has been conducted at Humboldt University. Professor Ortega who was heading the team involved in this study, clearly understood that when a person reaches the old age, his body no longer has the energy to do aerobics or any sort of horse riding. According to Prof. Ortega, same is the case with running; people reaching old age are not able to muster up the courage to run on a daily basis with their weak body. But those people who have been running their whole life tend to remain energetic and lively even throughout their old age.

Difference between the results of walking and running

Scientists used almost 30 older people for their study. Half of these were men and the other half were women. All of these people belonged to the age group of 69 and all of them were required to run at least thrice a week for almost half an hour. This exercise continued for almost 6 months.

After analysing these older people for almost 6 months, scientists finally reached the conclusion that the people who used to run could easily perform the simple act of walking. While on the other hand, the people who avoided running were not even able to walk properly and their body showed a great tendency for severe diseases like cardiac arrest, obesity and diabetes. Scientific research also shows that you could easily beat depression by running daily.

Keeping a healthy life style enables you to lead a successful life no matter how much you age.

8 Ways to Slow Down Aging


Healthy FoodPeople all over the world are concerned about this controversial matter of slowing down the aging process. Thousands of fake scammers all over the world are making money by inducing people to buy fake creams or treatments which would restore the age of people. However, the things don’t get that much complex and you can slow down the aging process by following the 8 natural ways mentioned below.

Eat foods rich in protein

Protein rich foods are perfect for slowing down the aging process. The protein rich foods are low in fat and they manage to keep the insulin levels down. Protein rich foods help to keep the body weight in shape and also drastically reduce any risk of diseases. Protein rich foods also keep the blood sugar levels constant and this helps in reducing stress. Therefore, cortisol is kept in check.

Ease the stress

Stress plays a key role in you getting old. This is because if you worry too much about a given topic this would have a serious impact on the way you look. You can ease stress using magnolia flower extracts, milk peptide and green tea. Massage could also be used to calm down the stress.

Exercise Hard

If you make the best use of your body by exercising regularly you would be able to slow down the aging process. This would make you appear more youthful and it will play a role in reducing the signs of age. This would also keep you healthy and in shape. If you are healthy then you would not look aged.

Proper sleep at night

This factor is related to the stress theory. If you have proper sleep at night you will be able to eliminate all the possible signs of age. This is because when you sleep you will be able to generate growth hormone and this in turn will slow down the aging process.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is very addictive and harms you in all possible ways. However, with a little effort you would be able to get rid of smoking. Alarmingly smoking accelerates the process of ageing. Therefore, to slow down your ageing process you should quit smoking and breathe easy.

Eat foods which are fresh

You should be able to manage a healthy diet in all your meals. This could also lead you to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Processed foods contribute in your aging process and are linked to early death. Therefore, healthy food content is the primary attribute to stop down the aging process. This is because if you eat healthy then you will be able to stay healthy and lead a happy life.

Stop drinking Soda

You should stop drinking soda because of the presence of high sugar content in it. This would accelerate your aging process. Excessive phosphoric acid content in the sodas can also lead to problems in heart and kidney.

Stay happy and spend time with friends

You should enjoy life in all possible ways. You should spend more time with your friends and family. You must find ways to keep yourself happy because that would help to reduce the stress. This would also drastically slower your aging process.

The Secret Of Anti-Aging


Anti-AgingIt is in the nature of human body to start aging after a certain age. But the problem is that no person on the earth wants to age and turn old. Aging is considered to be a very sensitive issue among the women especially. If you tell a woman that she is looking very graceful in this old age then she won’t take this as a compliment instead she would start feeling depressed on getting old. Since ages, human beings have been striving hard in order to slow down or stop aging. Human beings have tried many food items, cosmetical items and surgical procedures for this purpose. But up till now, nobody has succeeded in increasing the tenure of his life.

A study on anti-aging:

Scientists recently have conducted a study on how to stop aging. According to the results concluded by the scientists, a person would feel special energy if he is able to reduce his aging by a few months or a few years. Anybody with the young looking body also feels younger. According to the scientists, up till now there is no drug or medicine in the market that could reduce or slow down your aging procedure.

Natural techniques used for anti-aging:

If you truly want to slow down the aging process then there are some very basic and natural techniques that would help you stay and feel young despite your advancing age.

  • First of all, you need to make a careful selection of your food. Turn towards natural food and eliminate all un-natural and age advancing foods from your daily life. For instance, if you are a regular coffee drinker then switch to green tea instead. Green tea would help detox your body and it would cleanse your skin from all the impurities, allowing it to shine and flourish. Turn towards natural fruits and vegetables instead of going for junk food.
  • Develop an exercise routine. Walking daily for at least half an hour helps your body stay active and boots your metabolism. If you are not able to walk daily for 30 minutes then try to adopt some other interesting type of exercises. Try to indulge in aerobics and invite your friends to do it with you.
  • Stay happy and stay worry free. Staying tensed or depressed all the time will push your body towards early aging. Recent research has shown that people who tend to remain happy and away from depression age slowly in comparison to those people who remain tensed throughout their lives.
  • Feel young at heart. If you feel young then you would stay young but if you feel old then you would age quickly. So in order to stay young all of your life, you need to feel young. Doctors say that psychological effect of age has a strong impact on the speed of aging. If at heart you feel that you have become old and tend to live an active life then you would age at a very fast pace.

Doctors say that if you can prevent aging then you can also prevent all sorts of serious diseases that come with aging. So, it is very important to lead an active life in order to stay young and healthy.